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I will be voting for fewer Republican candidates in the upcoming November elections because I can only vote for candidates who I believe will advance the ideas of individual liberty, personal responsibility, and limited government while working to protect the sanctity of innocent human life and private property rights. 
This being the case, I'll be crossing over and voting for Matt Savino, the Libertarian candidate for State Representative (District 10) again. 
Obviously, I have zero faith that the Republican candidate will do much to further my cause as he hasn't made one public statement in opposition to the current insanity.
Matt Savino, on the other hand, is a pro-life libertarian who, I believe, will advance republican causes much more than the Republican nominee.
I encourage all of my friends and family to look into Matt and consider going against the flow and casting a vote for life, liberty, and property rights by casting your VOTE for Matt Savino for State Representative.
— TJ Fabby

Matt Savino is awesome. I'm not in your district,unfortunately, but #VoteGold is the way to advance freedom. — Andrew Jewell

Ellis County Libertarian Party is proud to endorse Matt Savino for House District 10. He is principled and wants whats best for the people. Vote Matt Savino for House District 10. — Ellis County Libertarian Party

Matt Savino is the real deal.

— Allen Moorman
John Bailey
JC Cook
Libertarian Culture
Kevin Hale
Henderson County Libertarian Party
Texas Revolution
Americans for Tax Reform
We Pledge Texas
Arthur Thomas IV
Texans for Voter Choice
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