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I am the Libertarian candidate for Texas Attorney General and I endorse Matt Savino for Texas State House of Representatives. — Michael Harris - Candidate for Texas Attorney General

I not only Endorse Matt Savino, I'll be voting for him in the November 2018 Elections to be my Texas House District Representative.
Matt Savino has shown great initiative towards campaigning to reduce the Tax Burdon, Protecting the Second Amendment, and Reforming Child Protective Services.
Matt Savino would be a tremendous improvement for all of us in HD10 as opposed to the current incumbent John Wray.
John Wray has his hand in too many pies in Texas House District 10, and I encourage folks to research that themselves.
I'm looking forward to seeing more of Matt Savino on the 2018 Campaign Trail, and I encourage everyone to consider supporting a man you can actually relate to, rather than another Austin Insider... — Ben Leder

I'm endorsing Matt Savino because I believe he is the only true choice for Liberty in Texas State House district 10. Over the last year I've had the pleasure of working with Mr Savino and seeing his unwavering Devotion to Freedom. I know when elected Mr Savino will help usher in a new era of limited government in the State of Texas. So I urge everyone of Texas state house district 10 to actively support his campaign to bring forth the government our founding fathers envisioned. — Allen Miller - Candidate for Texas House District 4
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