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Gun control laws are unconstitutional. The Second Amendment states,  ” …shall not be infringed.” Meaning no laws shall be made to restrict or prohibit the ownership or carrying of firearms. All gun control does is makes more victims as only law-abiding citizens are the ones following them. Removing all restrictions on firearms and carrying of firearms will arm the populous, and people can better defend themselves, their family, and their property. Law enforcement is overwhelmed and can not respond quick enough in all situations. I will push for true Constitutional Carry here in Texas. It is accepted in 20 other states now and the numbers speak for themselves…crimes drop when the people can defend themselves.




Lower the cost to live and work in Texas. I will fight for our hardworking families and individuals to keep more of what they earn. Support and work towards eliminating, or at least lowering the states property and sales taxes, along with all the other taxes forced on the people of this great state. Lower taxes promote growth for our economy and will make Texas a better place for ourselves, our children and our grandchildren to grow and prosper. I will oppose any and all tax increases across the board. Currently, as of 2020, Texas is the 12th highest state in sales tax and ranked 3rd in property tax!




Parents should be allowed to send their children to the education institution of their choice or the option to home school, free from government interference. The purpose of school is education and that should be the focus. Tax money is being spend on stadiums, gymnasiums, sports equipment and uniforms, and that is not fair to the parents of children that don’t participate or the people that do not have children at all. The state needs to remove the restrictions placed on schools. Parents and teachers of the children attending each school should be the ones to decide how funds are spent, not politicians or board members. Home schooling saves the state of Texas 1.2 BILLION dollars each year. On average private school and home schooled children perform better than public school children. Let’s learn from that for the children’s sake.




Department of Family Protective Services (DFPS) has power that supersedes state courts. Texas has given them more power than any other state in the union. I have seen family's torn apart by CPS and DFPS. These departments needs to be brought back under control and monitored more closely, if not eliminated completely. The funding they get from the federal government has added to the corruption within the organization. The federal government gives CPS up to $8000 for each child they remove from their biological family and place in foster care. It has become legalized kidnapping. They blatantly violate their own rules and regulations with no consequence.

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