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 Dear Friends,

My name is Matt Savino, I live in the small town of Seven Points, Texas and I'm running for the office of Texas State House of Representatives, District 4.

I am proud to call myself a Libertarian. The only political party that truly wants to reduce government and eliminate taxes. Republicans and Democrats have done nothing but put us in this bad situation we are in. Neither of those two parties have lowered taxes or reduced government. It's time for some real change.  

I will vote against any bill that will put more of a burden on the people of this great State. Personal freedom from the government is what our forefathers envisioned not an over powering government that wants to regulate you and tax you into poverty. There's not much left in this State that is not taxed or regulated anymore.

My main focus is to eliminate or at least reduce taxes everywhere. From sales tax and fuel tax, to property taxes and repeat motor vehicle sales tax. The tax burden on Texas is one of the highest in the country. There are many areas of wasted spending and one of the best ways to eliminate wasteful spending is to reduce the funding to the state government in the first place. 

Help me get your voice heard in Austin. Contribute now to help get the word spread and your personal financial burden of taxes reduced.

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